RHD Jeeps No Longer Available In The U.S.

Since just about every postal worker and mail route carrier can remember, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles produced a right hand drive Jeep JK model. Mainly to offer for people who deliver mail and need something RHD to get there job done. Not only was it a cool vehicle it was a necessity for postal workers of all sorts.

Just recently in early 2018 FCA has canceled the orders of the new RHD JK for dealers across the U.S., This is such a disappointment for the people who depend on these types of cars. So, what does this mean for postal workers?

Either spend a ton of money on a right hand drive conversion or try to find a used one from an existing owner. However, the people who do have them either love them to much or they are getting rid of it because they put it through the ringer and back and need a new ride.

Japan Direct motors has your RHD mail work vehicle solution. Located in Irmo, South Carolina JDM has a full lot of right hand drive vehicles. Soon, they will be importing a selection of vans and station wagons that are automatic and specifically for mail carriers. With your choice of gas or diesel and 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive. You will be able to conquer any terrain on your route.

If your in the market for a right hand drive vehicle for your route be sure to give Japan Direct Motors a call at 803-622-8962 or visit us on the web at www.japandirectmotors.com

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